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Often misinterpreted as an unsightly condition of the skin wherein open wound-like marks are formed on the skin's surface, a lesion actually refers to any kind of abnormal development on the skin that could be due to temporary reasons or due to more serious, chronic diseases or injuries. There are many kind of lesions that are further classified based on the causative agent. However, for easy understanding, many healthcare practitioners like to divide all lesions into two basic categories-lesions caused due to non-cancerous reasons and cancer lesions.

Please understand that the category of non-cancerous lesions also includes all lesions that are diagnosed as being malignant, i.e. incapable of malignancy or further spreading in the patient. Further, once the basic lesion categorization has been achieved, the lesion is further categorized based upon its appearance. The overall idea is to use a nomenclature wherein the term used to define the lesion also explains its basic appearance. For example, some lesions are defined as coin lesions. This essentially means that the lesion resembles the round shape of a coin, i.e. the spherical nature of the lesion is emphasized. However, there are some lesions that are very typical in nature and have already been categorized based upon their discovery and their initial, recorded descriptions and they are defined within the realm of certain rules. For example, the Ghon lesion often creates a signature-like shadow formation in the x-ray report of the lungs and is commonly found in children with tuberculosis.

Understanding Skin Cancer Lesion

Among cancer lesions, skin cancer lesions are the most prevalent. However, there aren't any uniform rules to categorize every type of skin cancer lesion since within this basic category too there are many kinds of lesions, each associated with a different type of skin cancer. The most common ones are:

Melanoma Cancer Lesion

The appearance of a melanomatic lesion is typical having a wavy border along with a widespread diameter. The most common types of melanomas are moles and nevi. Moles that tend to have an undefined border, displaying an uneven shape are easily diagnosed as melanoma skin lesions. There are certain diameter-based parameters too for classifying a lesion under this category. Melanoma nevi are harder-to-diagnose since there are some accompanying symptoms such as inflammation of the moles along with bleeding and itching that are generally not associated with melanoma nevi.
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